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Portrait of Leo Tolstoy, Repin, 1887

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy, Repin, 1887

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Portrait of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 124 x 88 cm

The portrait makes a bright and strong impression. Along the line of mother Leo Tolstoy is a direct descendant of Yaroslav the Wise, along the line of his father - the legendary Indris, a mysterious, unclear figure. A high forehead, a broad beard, rude facial features. Russian boyar, confidently sitting in an old armchair. The gaze is alienated, neutral, directed into the distance, as if it pierces the viewer, passes through it. The eyes are clear and kind. Simple black clothes, merging with the same black armchair, visually enlarge the figure of the hero.

Light and clean background enhances the impression. The book is in the hands, the detail is symbolic, nonrandom. Before us is a writer at the moment of reflection on what was read, at the time of the birth of a new, brilliant idea. Looking at the portrait, anyone is able to feel the greatness and spiritual monumentality of Tolstoy.

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